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Boosting occupancy and move-ins: A care home marketer’s guide

As a care home marketer, you understand the unique challenges of attracting the right residents for your home. The customer journey in this industry is a delicate dance, influenced by a myriad of human factors. Your prospects – most likely the relatives of tomorrow’s residents – may live near the home that interests them – or hundreds of miles away.

Now, imagine having access to invaluable insights into their key questions and behaviours, enabling you to craft targeted and personalised marketing campaigns that hit the mark every time. No more guesswork or relying on staff to collect long-forgotten details. Our eBook puts verified data right at your fingertips, instantly!

Our eBook explores six essential activities to drive up occupancy and move-ins, including:

  • How to track and analyse the entire customer journey
  • How to optimise your Google Business Profile
  • How to optimise paid ad campaigns

Whether your care home specialises in respite care or offers long-term support, whether you cater to self-funding clients or collaborate with local authorities, download our eBook and unlock the secrets to boosting occupancy and move-ins: 

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