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Affordable Contactless Temperature Screening now available for Care Homes

A reliable and affordable solution allowing Care Homes to automatically screen all staff, residents and visitors without the need for close contact.

Getmapping has just completed a successful trial of its GetSensing EBT automated facemask and body temperature detection solution in a care home in Hampshire. GetSensing EBT offers care homes with an automated and easy to use solution for monitoring body heat and face mask compliance for all staff, residents and visitors.

GetSensing EBT is easy to set up with a camera installed in seconds. All you have to do is simply plug-in and switch on the power! It’s straightforward to deploy being fully portable and when mounted on a tripod it can be moved around the home as required.

Alerts and images of anyone displaying an elevated body temperature are automatically sent to authorised personnel via a Cloud based website which ensures that information is secure and easily accessible at all times.

EBT operates independently of your existing wi-fi network, being able to access mobile networks to provide instant images and alerts when a person is detected with an elevated temperature or not complying with requirements to wear a face mask.  It can also provide an automatic reminder to people to wear a facemask if needed.

At a recent care home trial, the feedback was really positive”, says Helen Wattie, Getmapping Sales Manager, “in fact, one of the nurses took her own temperature with an in-ear thermometer and was amazed that the camera reading was identical.”

Another staff member in the trial noted “it’s easy to use as the tripod mounted camera allows it to be positioned anywhere in the home.” Furthermore she said “I was amazed how easy it was to use and access the footage on the web by using my phone, computer, iPad or any other internet capable device that was to hand.”

One other benefit noted by one of the nurses was the unobtrusive nature of the system.  “It just makes it so much easier to pre-screen people,” she said.  “We don’t have to spend as much time checking and it’s not intrusive as is the case with an in-ear thermometer.”

Another comment referred to the mask detection. “I like the fact that the camera can also speak to people.  We turned on the face mask detection as well as the heat detection, and were reminded to ‘please wear a mask’ as we entered the building.”

Getmapping provides all the equipment, installation, and training needed to get up and running straight away. Deploying this system both helps to keep the everyone safe while also allowing staff to get on with what they love doing, caring for the residents.

GetSensing EBT automated facemask and elevated body temperature detection.

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