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A People Plan for Social Care

The 2023 People Plan is now live. Launched on the Keynote stage at UK Care Week, the People Plan is now a Call to Action. 

Both people plans exist to address the current state of social care. They examine, through the voices of people living and working in social care, the current landscape including shortcomings and also outstanding practices. They then go on to make a series of recommendations to help improve Social Care for the people. 

Building on 2021’s report, when read in conjunction, both People Plans provide a holistic overview of the ten most critical issues affecting social care. This paper is an incredible achievement from a group of people truly passionate about improving the state of Social Care. Now is the time to take action, to pledge to make social care a better place for all. 

Will you pledge to make social care a better place for all to live and work in? 

All we ask is that you download, read and share both People Plans with everyone in your Social Care Network. 

Then, Take 3 recommendations from either plan that you will pledge to implement within your services.

Read the full plan here.

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