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A new era of social care: Leading consultancy announces launch of pioneering AI chatbot to assist care professionals

A leading care consultancy has announced the launch of its new AI-based project tailored to assist care professionals — utilising the latest technology to pioneer a new era of social care.

Fulcrum Care Consulting, has designed, an app that serves to be a practical support system for managers and staff in the care sector across England. The technology seeks to help care professionals navigate the complexities of CQC regulations so that they are well-informed about best practice in the care environment.

Tony Thiru, CEO of Fulcrum Care Consulting and, said: “ is a constantly evolving project , and we welcome feedback on the information provided and how it is delivered.  With technology improving at a rapid rate, the input of colleagues in the care sector is crucial in shaping how we develop solutions that make a genuine difference. We are really looking forward to seeing the impact the app has  over the coming weeks and months.”

“This isn’t just an app; it’s a collaborative effort to enhance the overall care experience. It is a tool made by the care community, for the care community. From changes in regulations to the latest market trends, our chatbot will be able to keep you informed, enabling you to make strategic decisions confidently and proactively.”

In the fast-paced world of social care, it’s essential to have easily-accessible knowledge, advice and updates. Fulcrum’s mission is to deliver that information, and help providers achieve excellence in care, leading to the creation of

Available 24/7, works by sifting through current sector information, feeding back accurate, relevant answers quickly and seamlessly. It aims to provide actionable advice and valuable insights into the care sector, as part of Fulcrum’s long-term plan to help its clients deliver the highest possible standard of care..

The beta WhatsApp version of is available to chat to with via +44(0)7446 984538

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