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3 tips for Care Homes Investing in Healthcare Technology

Vetterngarden and Wasagarden are two nursing homes located in Vadstena municipality in Ostergotland, Sweden, halfway between Gothenburg and Stockholm. Both nursing homes are now utilizing healthcare technology to a greater extent than before.

Since the beginning of June, they have been using healthcare technology from Sensio, including the safety sensor RoomMate, the eHealth platform Sensio 365, the mobile solution Sensio Pocket, safety alarms, and door alarms.

Anton Stolt works as Development Strategist in Vadstena Municipality and has led the project. We asked if he could give us his top three tips, he would want to share with care homes investing in healthcare technology, and he was happy to give us his advice on how to have a successful implementation of new healthcare technology!

3 Tips for Care Homes Investing in Healthcare Technology

Anton Stolt, Development Strategist in Vadstena.


  1. Start from the needs of the care staff. Find out how their daily work functions and work closely with them from the start and throughout the implementation, training and change management. When the staff comes up with the ideas, the implementation becomes much easier. In Vadstena, we have incredibly engaged staff.
  2. Be present.You can’t sit in an office far away and send out PDFs and quick guides. Be out in the field, answer questions, test, and show how the technology works. If you can’t be the one in charge of the technology, make sure to train administrators or super-users so that knowledge is strengthened and shared.
  3. Map out your conditions. In Vadstena, we had already strengthened our Wi-Fi, but I didn’t have enough knowledge about what was required in terms of electricity. So, the electrical installations became unnecessarily stressful at the end. Plan ahead!
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