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10 top tips for better communication with a person living with dementia

Oomph Wellness in partnership with Kate Thubron

  1. Positive approach

Before you speak, make sure the person can see you approaching and are in eye view without blocking their personal space.

  1. Feeling heard

Address them by their name and provide your full attention, ensuring that the person feels heard.

3. Speak clearly avoiding lots of questions

Speak slowly and clearly in short sentences. Avoid open ended questions or offering too many choices

4. Listen well

 listen carefully with empathy and understanding.

5. Respectful language

Never use childlike language to the person.  Remember and be respectful of their past and experiences

6. Meaning behind the words

Avoid criticizing, correcting, or arguing – Look for the meaning and feelings behind the words

7. Give time

Allow time for a response. It may take a little longer to think about the message and respond.

8. Awareness of nonverbal communication

Be aware of your nonverbal communication and body language. Provide visual cues to help deliver your message.

9. Diminish Distractions

Be aware of background noises and reduce this as much as you can

10. Positivity

Be positive, sensitive, and encouraging

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