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On 24 March 2021, NCF held a joint discussion session for its membership with Rights for Residents and the Relatives and Residents Association as well as a number of guests. We used this session to talk about how to implement the Essential Care Giver role more effectively and the benefits from doing so. Below, we have included a number of video clips from the session which illustrate best practice. The speakers are: The Essential Care Giver role is in addition to the nominated visitor specified in the guidance. Essential Care Givers might be family members or loved ones. The role recognises their vital role in offering support for both the physical and mental wellbeing of care home residents.

Understanding the Essential Care Giver Role

Essential Care Giving in Practice

The Provider Perspective

The Essential Care Giver Role: Why it Really Matters

How the Essential Care Giver Role Helps our Staff - A Win:Win Situation

Why it really matters to families