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Heather Gardens Evidence-Based Support

‘The introduction of Just Roaming will allow citizens to live more independently and better evidence long-term care and support requirements,’ said the commissioning team as they approved their first Just Roaming service, Heather Gardens (anonymised), a newly built supported living service for people with learning disabilities in the north of Scotland.

A New Staffing Structure

Prior to Just Roaming the council was considering 6 sleepover members of staff to support 6 individuals moving into Heather Gardens, one residing in each home.

A Just Roaming specialist worked with staff, family and individuals to complete a TEC assessment for each property.  The assessment information was reviewed by the social work team, and individual TEC support plans and subsequent risk assessments were completed. 

It was agreed that 2 waking members of staff could respond to alerts from the Just Roaming handset and a backup sleep-in member of staff was scheduled for 6 weeks to support one individual ‘just in case’.

Daily reports from the Just Roaming Management Dashboard evidenced that support was being provided effectively, meeting each individual’s needs.  It also showed that the backup sleep-in commissioned to support the transition period was not needed at all, so a timely decision could be made to remove this within the first week, using the system information to manage risks.


  • Increased independence, autonomy, choice and privacy for all tenants
  • Greater insight for staff to make evidence-based decisions
  • Better oversight has improved site safety
  • Improved work environment for staff members


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Call: 01564 785 100

Case Study - George: Showing everyone the possibilities

During the TEC assessment, it was reported that George would ‘never be able to cope’ without a staff member residing in the property due to historical behaviours. A sleep-in member of staff was subsequently placed in George’s property overnight ‘just in case’.

As staff reviewed the data from the Just Roaming system, they began to see George’s support needs in a different light. He was generally settled overnight, and the data showed that the staff member was rarely utilised. The sleep-in was removed from the property in a staged approach using Just Roaming data to confirm decisions each night.

George is now supported by the on-site responder service.  He continues to have settled nights with the knowledge that support is on hand when required.

George is now developing his skills and incrementally building his independence further.

Feedback from staff members

   “Just Roaming provides confidence whilst people we support are able to have additional privacy and independence whilst still being safe.”

   “Just Roaming allows us to assist properly and appropriately to the situation/alerts.”

   “Just Roaming wasn’t really challenging at all and we had lots of support. Some staff members feared technology, but this quickly changed.”

Feedback from managers

   “It’s extremely easy to use and very reliable. The daily reports are very good for monitoring. It’s been very good and exciting to see what else can be implemented in the future.”

   “Just Roaming allows people to be in their home with the confidence that they are safe.”

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