Oomph! Wellness

Oomph! stands for Our Organisation Makes People Happy!

Oomph! are an award-winning social enterprise and the UK’s largest training provider in exercise and activity for the care sector. We exist to transform the quality of life of older people everywhere through fun, inclusive health and wellness programmes, with the aim of helping them live life in full colour.

We do this by providing training for staff and volunteers in care settings to offer innovative, personalised exercise and activity sessions that improve physical mobility, social interaction and mental stimulation. We also provide best-in-class research tools to track and map health and wellbeing outcomes, enabling individuals and organisations who work with older adults to better understand what works and why.

Oomph!’s fun and stimulating classes have produced remarkable results, with over 22000 sessions resulting in a 28% decrease in falls and a 10% improvement in the quality of life – meaning the sessions are as impactful as they are cost effective.

Address:c/o Nuffield Health Sheepcote Lane London SW11 5BTTel: 0203 601 6363Email:[email protected]Website:http://www.oomph-wellness.org

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