For the second time in a week, NorseCare are celebrating an outstanding CQC inspection report!

Residents, families and staff at Munhaven care home on Munhaven Close in Mundesley are delighted after inspectors from the Care Quality Commission gave the care home an outstanding rating in a recent visit.

Inspectors visited in June 2019 when they spoke to residents, relatives of residents and staff. Within the 5 key elements of the inspection report, Munhaven was rated at outstanding in 4 areas – being receiving praise for the effectiveness, caring, responsive and well-led aspects of the report, and good for the safe element of the report.

The glowing report highlights how staff delivered “extremely sensitive and compassionate care” and how staff developed “open and trusting relationships with people and their relatives, maximising the benefit of the care provided.”

Registered Manager Alison Roberts was identified as demonstrating “exceptional leadership” with the staff “embracing a culture of placing people at the heart of everything at the home.” Engagement with the local community and other stakeholders involved in care provision was extremely good.

Food at the home was recognised for its quality and for the way that dietary needs were personalised, with high quality, homemade food. Chef Debbie Wright, from Norse Catering, who won a national Our Care Catering award in 2018, was singled out in the CQC report for the way she was able to cater for different dietary conditions.

Munhaven is no stranger to awards. In 2017 and 2019 it was recognised as one of the Top 20 homes in East Anglia in the annual awards, based on recommendations from residents, relatives and friends. The 23 reviews of the home averaged 9.9/10. The home also won the Community Engagement award at NorseCare’s annual awards event in October 2018 and was a finalist in the 2016 National Dementia Care Awards in the Best Dementia Care home category.

Alison Roberts, NorseCare’s manager at Munhaven explained: “I’m very lucky, I have a great job, supported by a wonderful team who feel valued and supported in their roles. We are all motivated to achieve the best possible outcomes and quality of life for the people who use Munhaven. I’m so proud of everyone who has made this recognition possible.”

Munhaven joins only 9 other care homes in Norfolk, including NorseCare’s Westfields care home and Lisbon Court, and is part of just 3% of care homes in the country to receive an outstanding rating. The other 17 of NorseCare’s care homes are rated as good by the Care Quality Commission.

Residents, families, friends and members of the local community will celebrate the award of the Outstanding rating at Munhaven with a garden party at the end of August.

Lisbon Court

Tenants, families and staff are celebrating after inspectors from the Care Quality Commission gave Lisbon Court an outstanding rating in a recent visit.

There are 30 flats at the housing with care scheme on Galyon Road in King’s Lynn where tenants have a tenancy agreement with Broadland Housing. Care and support is provided at the scheme by NorseCare. Inspectors visited in June 2019 when they spoke to tenants, staff and relatives of residents.

Within the 5 key elements of the inspection report, Lisbon court was rated at outstanding in 3 areas – being praised for the caring, responsive and well-led aspects of the report, and good for the safe and effective elements of the report.

Inspectors remarked how staff “went above and beyond what was expected of them to help ensure people were not isolated and continued to be engaged in the service and wider community and take part in meaningful activity. “

The report also states that: “People (the tenants) thrive in this environment, for example by regaining their confidence, learning to mobilise again and through improved health with access to the right medication and health support. One person said, “I consider myself lucky to be here.”

NorseCare’s manager Vanessa Thaxter and her management team at Lisbon Court were singled out for praise by the inspection with this quote from a visiting care professional; “From a management perspective they have good oversight of what is happening within the complex, they know the tenants and their current needs. I have always found them willing to work alongside myself and other professionals and always have the tenant’s best interests at the forefront of everything they do.”

Vanessa is understandably proud of her team: “We’re obviously delighted with the report. The team here at Lisbon court do a phenomenal job. We support the tenants, enabling them to be as independent as they can be, whilst giving them as much care and support as they need. We are focused on helping people to pursue their hobbies and continue to access the local community as we know how important that is for their wellbeing.”

Tenants, families, friends and members of the local community will celebrate the award of the Outstanding rating with a party at the scheme.


Inspectors visited in December 2018 when they spoke to residents, staff and relatives of residents. The care home on Westfields Road in Swaffham provides care and support to up to 46 people.

The findings of the report highlighted how “People at Westfields received an outstanding, effective and caring service…” and that “People were treated with exceptional kindness and compassion” in a “vibrant, happy and thriving” environment.

Within the key elements of the inspection report, Westfields was praised for the effectiveness of its care with feedback describing it as exceptional and distinctive. The culture of the service was praised for its caring, compassionate, respectful and empowering nature, reflecting NorseCare’s core values of Compassion, Aspiration, Respect and Empowerment.

Westfields has been shortlisted as finalist in the Norfolk Care Awards 2019 in the Dignity and respect category – reflecting the way that privacy and dignity is embedded into the practice of the team, treating everyone with the utmost respect.

Jo Bolton, NorseCare’s manager at Westfields explained: “We have a unique staff team who have a natural warmth to share with the people who live with us. We treat everyone as an individual – we’re all different but we try to do something for everyone, making sure we have as much fun as we can along the way.”

Jemima Burnage, CQC’s Head of Inspection for Adult Social Care in the central region said:

“Our inspection team was really impressed by the level of care and support offered to people at Westfields. We found that people were treated with exceptional kindness and compassion and feedback about the service was very positive. Staff worked innovatively to promote people’s health and ensure excellent outcomes for their physical and mental wellbeing.

“The atmosphere at the home was vibrant, happy and thriving and our inspectors found there was a focus on fun. There was a mutually respectful culture, which recognised and valued the contribution made by both the people living in the service and those working there. The management team welcomed the involvement of people using the service and staff at every opportunity.

“There was a strong recognition that people were individuals and the care and support provided ensured that their needs were met and resulted in positive and improved outcomes for people. People’s views were sought and staff acted upon those views to provide a high-quality service with a strong emphasis on continual improvement.

“All of this meant people received a high standard of care, which is why it has been rated Outstanding.”

Westfields is only the third residential care home in Norfolk to receive an outstanding rating from the Care Quality Commission, joining the top 3% of care homes in the country. All of NorseCare’s care homes and the care and support provided in housing with care schemes are rated as good or better.

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