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#StarsInMemory – Connected by Care – United by Loss

Join us on Tuesday June 30th, 2020 to unite in loss and commemoration

The Covid 19 pandemic has produced widespread personal loss and tragedy, with the Care sector often located at the centre of this.  Each person who has died during the pandemic leaves enduring memories amongst their loved ones and those that they have touched in their lives. However, despite the daily statistics, the personal losses remain largely invisible and there have been few opportunities for people to share their grief collectively, or to link this grief to previous and existing loss and bereavement.

As the world moves slowly out of lockdown, we hope to create a moment to connect by care and unite in loss.

On Tuesday June 30th we invite everyone who has experienced loss and bereavement in their lives to connect by making a star and placing it in their window or post on social media under the hashtag #StarsInMemory.

Stars can be any size, made in any material and decorated according to individual preference. We recommend that staff follow the basic form of any of the stars suggested below.

Whilst we recognise that the pandemic is not over, we hope that this mutual act of remembrance will help to recognise the many losses that people have experienced and to make these visible through the metaphorical light cast by the collective stars.

“Loss is a very personal thing and affects us all in many different ways. However, across care we have also felt and responded to this loss as only a community can. Coming together, sharing our strength and sharing our tears. In some small way, we hope that by recognising this loss together, we can show not only our individual pain, but also shine on a light on how we are united in our love, respect and regard for those who are no longer with us”. Vic Rayner, Executive Director, National Care Forum

We welcome any individuals, groups and organisations joining with us.

Download the #StarsInMemory toolkit here

At #StarsInMemory is currently supported by:

For further details of bereavement support, click here.

If you are interested in joining do let us know. We are adding people and organisations all the time. Or just go ahead and make/post your star for Tuesday June 30th










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