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NCF Response to the Budget

Vic Rayner, Executive Director of the National Care Forum says: –

“NCF welcomes the recognition by the Chancellor in today’s budget to pledge £5bn to the NHS and ‘other public services’ to tackle the coronavirus. It is absolutely imperative that the government recognises the need to provide emergency funding for the entire health and care sector, and as many of the most vulnerable people in our country access social care services, it is vital that money flows swiftly and in a targeted way to those localities and services that need it most. We were also pleased to see the recognition of the financial challenges to SME’s in relation to the reimbursement of statutory sick pay, but feel that the Chancellor could go further in the case of care providers, all of whom will be under huge financial pressure and will struggle with the enhanced payments. Moreover, the mechanism to claim these refunds needs to be clear and swift, to avoid cash-flow issues.”

Vic continues; –

“The longer term financing and reform of social care was not addressed by the Chancellor. NCF continues to call for a reform agenda which looks ahead to determine a social care system that addresses both the current short fall, and presents a clear and coherent narrative to develop a system that will address future care needs for generations to come. This is the number one domestic reform priority for government and it must not be overlooked. The government needs to hear the message loud and clear that social care matters to us all. In short, the government needs to recognise that a well-functioning and adequately funded social care and support system is integral to the functioning of the NHS – particularly at times of crisis. Without swift action to bring forward the reform agenda, the government is at risk of undermining its investment in the NHS and failing the most vulnerable in our society.”

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Notes for Editors:

The National Care Forum (NCF) represents the interests of not-for-profit health and social care providers in the United Kingdom. The NCF has been promoting quality care through the not-for-profit care sector for over 25 years and is a leading voice in the sector.

The NCF is governed by our Board of Directors and assisted by the NCF staff team, headed by our Executive Director, Vic Rayner. We keep our members up-to-date with news and developments in the care sector and provide opportunities to meet and share ideas and best practice through our regular forum meetings, annual conferences and events, membership benchmarking surveys plus our highly valued weekly newsletter.

NCF is dedicated to representing members, having their voices heard by the decision-makers. We ensure member interests are represented at all levels and are in constant contact with government departments, politicians and the media to ensure their message gets across. Together we have a stronger voice!

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