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NCF response to Skills for Care’s State of the Adult Social Care Sector and Workforce in England report 

The National Care Forum (NCF) – the leading association for not-for-profit social care has responded to Skills for Care’s State of the Adult Social Care Sector and Workforce Report which was published today. 

NCF CEO Vic Rayner commented: This data tells a story of a sector under ongoing strain and pressure with unacceptably high rates of turnover impacting those receiving care and support and the remaining workforce. The slight growth in workforce is underpinned by the increase in international workers, who bring desperately needed skills and expertise to the UK. This masks an ongoing reduction in the domestic workforce, creating a situation which feels less like a leaky bucket, and more like a burst pipe. The stark reminder from Skills for Care that to keep staff we need to pay them better, train them and give them decent terms and conditions should not be necessary for a service that is the backbone of communities. 

“A national workforce strategy cannot come soon enough, and we are committed to working with Skills for Care to ensure it is more than warm words and wish lists. Our social care must haves for any government call for a fully funded sustainable workforce strategy, and anything less will not suffice. A strong social care workforce for now and the future is fundamental to the functioning of society. Social care matters to us all.

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