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NCF responds to Liberal Democrats’ social care election announcement 

The National Care Forum (NCF) – the leading association for not-for-profit social care has responded to the announcement of plans for social care by Liberal Democrat leader Ed Davey. 

Vic Rayner OBE, CEO of NCF commented: “At last one of the political parties has finally broken the silence and acknowledged that social care is a fundamental election issue. The Liberal Democrats have made a clear statement about the importance of social care, and we welcome their understanding of the centrality of care to people’s quality of life, as well as to supporting an integrated health and care system. There is a very welcome focus in their announcements around addressing the pay, terms and conditions of the care workforce, and recognising the professional status of care workers. Care is a hugely complex and skilled role, and there is a clear evidence base that demonstrates addressing these factors would support recruitment, retention, career development and pride in delivering this most vital of public services. The detail behind their plans for free personal care will be important to understand and the fundamental premise of any new system is that it enhances people’s ability to access high quality, sustainable social care at the time and place that they want it.   In this regard, there is much to learn from partners across the UK and wider who have introduced free personal care. 

“We now urgently need the other parties to step up and outline what they will do in relation to social care. Millions of voters are deeply affected by social care, directly or indirectly, and want to vote for a party that cares about their interests.  An estimated half of the electorate either work in social care, draw upon care and support, are waiting for a care assessment or are an unpaid carer for someone so this really is an issue for millions of voters.” 

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