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NCF launches global workforce report as CEO Vic Rayner takes on the chair of Global Ageing Network

The National Care Forum (NCF) – the leading association for not-for-profit social care has published a report resulting from the Social Care International Workforce Summit held as part of the Global Ageing Conference last year.  

The report’s publication also marks NCF CEO Professor Vic Rayner as the new board chair of the Global Ageing Network, a role she will hold for two years. 

Professor Vic Rayner said: “Co-hosting the Global Ageing Conference with colleagues from the Global Ageing Network and Scottish Care was a huge honour and one which I am thrilled to continue as I take over the leadership of the Global Ageing Network board. I relish the opportunity to nurture the international connections that have been made and set a course, together with members and partners, to tackle the issues affecting the care of older people around the world and ensure their rights are represented.  

“The work we will be doing together reflects the enormous change taking place throughout the world that has a bearing on the daily delivery of care and support to older people, particularly the impacts of mass migration on the global care workforce. Our discussions at the conference included insights from 14 different countries and collectively reached a series of conclusions and recommendations. It is now time for us to communicate these outcomes via this report and demand action and funding from our governments and policymakers to help ensure each territory is empowered to develop a robust care workforce, attract new talent while rewarding the dedication of current care workers, and continue to transform the lives of older people with excellent, professional care.”  

CEO of the Global Ageing Network, Katie Smith-Sloan commented: “Without an adequate, trained and well supported workforce, there is no care. Throughout the world, we are facing enormous challenges in attracting, retaining, training, compensating, and elevating the profession of care workers. A global challenge needs global solutions. To this end, the Global Ageing Network and our members, as a global community dedicated to the well-being of older adults, are committed to raising awareness and driving the public and private sector towards urgently addressing the workforce crisis. There is a way forward if we work together.” 

The report, produced in collaboration with Global Ageing Network, Scottish Care and UKRI is available to download here. 

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