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NCF Impact Report 2023

The National Care Forum, the leading membership organisation for not-for-profit organisations in the care and support sector, announces the release of its Impact Report 2023.

This is our third Impact Report and it highlights the achievements of the NCF team, our Board and our members during the 2023 year.

NCF continued to play a significant role in supporting care and support providers, both those within our membership and in the wider sector, with the challenges that they may face on a day-to-day basis. We worked hard to keep members well briefed and up to date on policy development. 

2023 was remarkable for:



  • Having over 2,000 people attending 45+ Members’ Communities of Practice Forums with presentations from external stakeholders such as DHSC, CQC and NHS as well as NCF Partners including Anthony Collins, S3 Tax, Carterwood, Mediahawk, Marr Procurement and Cohesion.
  • Reshaping the way we offer our package of NCF membership support through the evolution of our Communities of Practice – a clearer way of grouping together the various elements of our current support offer and an opportunity to explore areas where members would like more practice-based support to address key aspects/ specialisms of your work.
  • Media coverage in 2023 resulted in 463 pieces of coverage across television, radio and press, giving nearly 63.4 million people the opportunity to listen to what we had to say
  • In conjunction with Scottish Care, holding the 2023 Global Ageing Network’s biennial conference in Glasgow. The event provided an outstanding opportunity for colleagues from around the world to gather in a unique forum dedicated to finding solutions to the current challenges in the care and support sector as well as a platform for international shared learning and professional networking.
  • Visiting members all around England 
  • Playing pivotal roles as Chairs, Co-Chairs, and speakers to represent our members at 25+ roundtables, ministerial meetings and advisory groups
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