Not-for-profit quality care for over 25 years
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Founded in 1985 as The Hospital Management Trust, the trust has recently changed its name to The Healthcare Management Trust. It is a company limited by guarantee and a registered charity. Its objectives are to promote and develop the services of charitable and religious hospitals and care homes and is committed to high standards of care through quality assurance programmes.

HMT’s management members consists of six hospitals and homes with a total of 232 beds. In addition to ownership, management and development, the Trust also undertakes extensive consultancy.

History and organisation…

Since the 1970s there has been substantial growth in independent medical practice in the UK and the trend is clearly set to continue. Historically, the majority of independent hospitals were charitable foundations but nearly all recent developments have been undertaken by commercial companies, with the result that now only about one in ten hospitals and homes are stand-alone charities.

In 1985 a group of people decided to initiate a means whereby the not-for-profit sector could not only survive but develop and grow so that the provision of private healthcare was not left entirely to commercial companies.

Hence, HMT came into being.Address: 14 Queen Anne’s Gate, London, SW1H 9AA
Telephone: 020 7222 1177