Not-for-profit quality care for over 25 years

Rapport Housing & Care exists to maker older people’s lives easier and more fulfilling. Since 1956 Abbeyfield volunteers have worked tirelessly to provide housing, support and companionship to older people in their local communities.

Abbeyfield residents enjoy life all the more because they know that the people who run their societies are dedicated volunteers who are doing this demanding work because they want to.

Abbeyfield provides:
Supported sheltered housing in over 800 houses around the UK. Here, residents find the privacy and security they seek when managing alone in their own home has become a burden. They come and go as they please, receive visitors and enjoy two cooked meals a day. They are free from the worries of maintaining a house and garden, paying bills and dealing with loneliness. At the centre of these homely houses are Abbeyfield house managers, who are employed to ensure that the house is comfortable and safe, and that meals are nutritious and enjoyable.

Around 80 care homes provide 24-hour personal care for residents who are too frail to live in supported sheltered housing. Staff care for residents under the supervision of a professional manager. Always dedicated to providing the highest quality services, staff and volunteers are working to ensure they exceed the standards set by government in the document “Care Homes for Older People”.

Integrated care is a relatively new concept for Abbeyfield, and has proved our dedication to expanding our horizons and providing the flexible services older people will need in the 21st Century. These projects will provide, on one site within a local community, the whole range of services for older people as they age and their needs increase.

Services for people with dementia are being developed by some Abbeyfield societies to meet an urgent need in the local community.

Day care services. Abbeyfield belongs at the heart of local communities, so it is fitting that several societies have worked hard over the last few years to extend their work beyond the houses themselves. This outreach work benefits older people in practical ways, and increases local awareness of Abbeyfield’s work.Address: The Old Wharf, Station Road, Cuxton, Rochester, Kent, ME2 1AB
Telephone: 01634 723007

Helpline – open 9am-5pm Monday to Friday: 0208 133 3430 or email [email protected]