Not-for-profit quality care for over 25 years
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Our Mission:
We aim to maintain and improve the quality of life, independence and dignity of all within our care by providing comfortable, secure homes in an environment of support. We will remain flexible and will meet the challenge of change and demands of the future.

Our Strategic Aim:
Central & Cecil is committed to continuing to provide quality service and accommodation in the most cost effective and efficient way for its existing and future residents. Central & Cecil will actively pursue expansion opportunities and aims to grow to at least 2,500 units within 5 years to meet existing and future housing, care and support needs.

History and Ethos:
The origins of the Trust lie in the remarkable story of Mrs Cecil Chesterton, sister-in-law of the author GK Chesterton. As a journalist for The Sunday Express she went onto the streets for two weeks to experience life as a homeless woman. Her series of articles about her experiences were published in the Sunday Express in 1925 and turned into a book, In Darkest London, the following year. Mrs Chesterton then began to campaign and fundraise for a women’s hostel. Early supporters included George Bernard Shaw, Lady Lovat and John Galsworthy. In 1927 the first Cecil House (named after her husband), was opened in Boswell St, Holborn.
After the war the role of Cecil Houses diversified. With many older people bombed out, or having lost families, there was an increasing need for housing for older people. Cecil Houses responded to this need by developing residential care homes for older people.

The modern Trust continues to provide housing and support to frail older people and homeless women but it also now provides sheltered housing for active older people and supported housing for people with mental health support needs. Today Central and Cecil operates within 14 London Boroughs and continues to provide high quality housing and support services to those that need them most.Address: Cecil House, 266 Waterloo Road, London, SE1 8RQ
Telephone: 020 7922 5300