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British home

British Home is a Royal Charter charity that supports people living with neuro-disability. We have a proud history of care and support, and have been based at Crown Point, near Streatham Common, since 1892.
British Home is a charity offering services that improve the lives of people living with neuro-disability: rehabilitation; residential care; respite support; and palliative care. Every resident at British Home has been affected by neuro-disability whether that is as result of accident or trauma, stroke, or a consequence of a degenerative condition or illness.
There is capacity for 80 people on site, with each resident having their own, private accommodation. Services are delivered through a multi-disciplinary team under the leadership of the Director of Care. As the nature of neuro-disability is unique to each individual, so the range and frequency of facilities and services people use will be tailored to their own needs and aspirations.
Some of our residents stay with us only a short time until they move onto different accommodation, for example in an adapted home in the community, whereas for others British Home is a long-term home. For all of our residents, British Home provides a safe, comfortable and suitable therapeutic environment.

Address: Crown Lane, Streatham, SW16 3JB

Telephone: 02086708261


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