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About Belong Villages

Belong is a values-based organisation operating dementia specialist community care villages. With over 30 years of experience as a care operator, it applies this solid foundation of knowledge to ensure villages have the right mix of services, facilities and expertly trained colleagues. We were one of the early pioneers of the ‘household’ model for people with dementia and our drive for innovation and excellence has earned us recognition and accolades in the industry, but most importantly from our customers.

Our vision

Founded on our vision that older people have the right to enjoy the same community belonging and richness of experience that they have always known, we are a charitable organisation whose first priority will always be to offer a high quality of life and of personal support. We take our lead from our customers, and seek constant feedback on what we can do better through ‘Our listening to the experts’ surveys, regular wellbeing reviews and forums for customers and relatives.

Enjoying a home for life

Belong is committed to providing a ‘home for life’ and supporting people as their needs change by providing a continuum of services. These range from outreach services to people in the community (home care and day care), through independent living apartments in a Belong village to 24-hour support in a Belong household.

Belong Households

Our village households provide 24-hour support for customers, including specialist nursing, dementia care and palliative care if needed. Each Belong household is grouped into an ‘extended family’ sized community for 11 or 12 residents, with modern suite that lead directly onto an open-plan, shared space with kitchen, dining and lounge facilities. Meals are cooked on the households to create a more homely experience and promote involvement in meal preparation and good nutrition through the appetising smells of food being prepared in situ.

Dementia Expertise

The built environment of Belong villages and, in particular, the open-plan household design aim to maximise independence and orientation for people with dementia, reducing dependence on memory. Belong also provides a free Admiral Nurse service, offering specialist dementia support and advice to residents who have been medically diagnosed with any form of dementia, as well as their family members and carers.

Belong apartments

Belong apartments combine the freedom of independent living with the reassurance and vibrancy of a 24-hour caring community close by. 24-hour emergency response and a daily checking service is provided, along the ability to provide home care packages if needed.

Belong at Home

Belong at Home is a registered home care provider, offering the extra input people need to be able to continue living independently at home. It provides a flexible range of services, supporting customers to get out and about, maintain skills and interests, attend appointments and provide support in the home.

Living an active lifestyle

Belong villages offer richness of experience and wellbeing through a vibrant programme of activities, with opportunities for interaction with animals, children and the outdoors. Our specialist gyms and personalised exercise programmes use techniques which have been proven to maximise strength, balance and mobility.

Experience Days

Our specialist day care service offers meaningful activities and the chance to get involved in our community. From classic film screenings to poetry reading, exercise sessions to local history and crafts to flower arranging, this is a refreshing and unique alternative to conventional day care. People with dementia are especially welcome and all Experience Day customers are invited to make use of our exercise studio (facilitated by one of our expert fitness instructors) and enjoy lunch in the bistro.

Nurturing relationships

Belong villages are designed to promote interaction through their facilities and open plan layouts. We welcome family and visitors and have links with a wide range of community groups, promoting fulfilment through positive relationships. By opening our facilities to the wider community, Belong villages promote diversity and integration, welcoming all age groups, creating a place where children can play, families can unwind and customers can receive the support and respect that they deserve.Address: Belong Limited, Pepper House, Market Street, Nantwich, Cheshire CW5 5DQ
Telephone: 0800 032 2266