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Weybourne Jolly Trolley

I am excited to present to you Weybourne’s very own jolly trolley. Tristano, our Maintenance technician  went above and beyond in making this happen, collaborating with our residents and involving all staff.


The reason behind implementing the jolly trolley was to improve nutrition and hydration, reduce falls and infections, and ultimately enhance the quality of life for our residents. We believe that by providing easy access to drinks and snacks, we can significantly reduce the risk of dehydration and malnutrition. Additionally, having such a mobile trolley ensures that our residents can enjoy their meals and socialize in a comfortable and safe environment.


But that’s not all – we have also taken it a step further. Once a month, our jolly trolley will be transformed into a mobile pub for our residents to enjoy a unique and exciting experience. We’re going to create a lively and festive atmosphere, offering a range of beverages and creating an opportunity for residents to socialize and have fun.


Lydia, our new SCL, and Bindu our Deputy manager  have also put in tremendous effort to ensure that our residents have a wonderful experience. They prepared drinks and celebrated the completion of the project.


I hope you enjoy looking at the pictures of our achievement and see the positive impact it has on our residents’ lives.

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