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We’re fully committed!

Here at Oaklea we take commitment to what we do very seriously – and that also applies to those we support – in fact we have an example here of taking commitment to the next level!

“I do I do…..”

Oaklea Support Bernice Dean: “We had a really special day -one of our Oaklea customers, Phillip had a Disney themed “commitment ceremony ” with his lovely girlfriend Lorna. It was a beautiful service with lots of singing , promising love and sharing for the future.”

Phillip & Lorna – truly living the Oaklea values

“Individuality, independence, interdependence, rights, respect, dignity, privacy, partnership, choice”

All in it together – for that special moment!

Meanwhile Bernice adds: “Staff were so privileged to be included and it was truly an emotional day.”

Before you ask….

A Commitment Ceremony is designed for couples who wish to celebrate their relationship and commitment to each other, without entering into a legal marriage or civil partnership. The ceremony gives you the opportunity to exchange rings and make promises to each other.

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