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Weekend gets ‘Seal’ of approval!

Well what a weekend some of our people had – you can’t knock them when it comes to having sheer variety thanks to our support teams! In fact you wait for 1 weekend based story…and 3 come at once!

We can’t be late…

So lets get on board & take a journey into sight, sound & exceedingly good taste….oh and hold onto your bananas (with or without pyjamas!)…you may need them later!

For those about to Rock -we salute you says Grace!

Hawkshead Brewery in Staveley was the place to be for a good time – Grace captured hanging out with the band by our budding rock photo impresario Mike ‘moshpit’ Corker!

Grace from Learning2Live in Windermere went proper all ‘Almost Famous” when she made new friends with South Lakes rockers ‘Seals‘.

We’re not with the band – we’re with Alice!

Meanwhile in a galaxy not so far away. We’ve gone to the mad hatters tea party! Some of our regulars from Manor Barn went to see ‘Alice in Wonderland’ at the Brewery Arts Centre in Kendal. Danielle (Cheshire Cat?) & Penny (Queen of Hearts?) took Steve, Phil and Leon.. We can’t say who was the Mad Hatter– “Known for speaking nonsense and asking riddles which have no answer…..” (who could that be – oh no not our webmaster surely!)

We have lift off – we def won’t be late!

If such theatrics & live music we’re not enough – We now go over to the Match of the Day studios to catch the Shrove Tuesday pre frying build up!

In fact at New Road you could say there was a real Alice in Wonderland at large at New Road – our very own Alice was getting practice in for Pancake Day! Plus watch out Gary Lineker – Karen ‘KK’ Kidd providing some superb chuckling commentary – from the less is more school!

KK goes bananas!

Karen adds: “Alice would like to share her healthy recipe for banana pancakes we made. It’s this  – take one banana mashed with two eggs, then whisk and fry in a tea spoon of healthy oil, flip it over and da da – lovely fat free tasty pancakes for Shrove Tuesday.”

Getting to the heart of the matter

It is also the time to celebrate St Valentine. Clearly all the Alice theatrics (and his own Queen of Hearts?) had inspired Steve – when he got back he started decorating the house for Valentines Day!

When shall we three meet again…

Phew….what a time to be alive. Rumours fly that Steve & Leon have benched the ‘Mad March Hare’ -we couldn’t possibly comment!

So that’s a wrap, er a pancake and… well the Oaklea Mission truly delivers yet again – “To support and care for people and communities so they can learn, develop and thrive”

Oaklea Wonderland now at rest…for now!

“If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense. Nothing would be what it is because everything would be what it isn’t. And contrariwise, what it is, it wouldn’t be, and what it wouldn’t be, it would.” Alice in Wonderland, Lewis Carroll (1865)

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