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Warrington Care Village Appoints New Leader

Not-for-profit care village operator Belong has appointed Barry Devine, a former Care Quality Commission (CQC) inspector, as general manager of its state-of-the-art Warrington care village.

As an inspector for the health and social care regulator, Barry was responsible for assessing providers’ compliance with standards, as well as using his background and CQC operational experience to inform policy making and help design and deliver training for inspection managers on its implementation.

He also brings over 15 years’ experience in roles supporting autistic people and people with a learning disability to live independent and fulfilled lives, including building and training teams of support workers to provide high-quality support for people living in their own homes.

Speaking of his appointment, Barry said: “I love being around people and working within teams, and I’m really looking forward to working alongside the great team at Belong Warrington. My passion is learning alongside people, using the skills and knowledge I have gained to help ensure our teams are as effective in ensuring people have positive outcomes that are meaningful to them. This includes ensuring that teams are made up of motivated people with the passion, skills and resources to provide the best possible care and support.

“I have had the privilege of supporting and being taught by many amazing people. From working with them, I’ve learned that true person-centred practice comes from the recognition that all people are unique and valuable. Not only the people we are supporting, but colleagues too – I believe a person’s needs are best met by people whose own needs are met. These will be the principles that guide everything I do at Belong Warrington.”

Belong’s Chief Executive Officer, Martin Rix, added: “We were very impressed by Barry’s CV and his passion for care, as well as his participatory approach to leading and inspiring others. He also has extensive knowledge of regulation and standards, and this, combined with his personal qualities, will help to ensure that care at Belong Warrington is always of a very high quality. He is a great fit for our Belong team and we are extremely pleased to have him on board.”

Belong Warrington offers a range of care, housing and support options centred around a village hub offering amenities, such as a bistro, gym and hair salon, which are open to the public. People can live independently, in a one or two-bedroom apartment, or in en-suite accommodation within small households where 24-hour care is provided, including dementia and nursing support.

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