Surrey Choices hold job clubs for disabled and autistic people to support them on their journeys into employment by helping them with CV writing, applying for jobs, interview practice and to learn about different roles and sectors.

Virtual Sessions

The team used the Coronavirus pandemic as an opportunity to adapt their job clubs to being online. They have used Zoom to create bespoke meetings for disabled and autistic people to take part in to keep helping them on their employment journeys.

They have had a number of guest speakers from different industries including the media industry, interior designer, buyers and retail assistants. The participants are able to ask them questions about their roles and use the breakout rooms function in Zoom, for individuals and small groups to explore job opportunities and get advice on job seeking.


The online job clubs have been a huge success in keeping the people we support motivated and enthusiastic about job seeking and to keep learning about the opportunities available for them in the job market. It has helped them to connect with other job seekers and to keep in touch with their Employment Support Specialists.

Alongside this, the online job clubs also played an important role in supporting people who were struggling with their mental health due to isolation throughout lockdown. The job clubs became a real lifeline for people to interact and connect with each other and set goals to focus on.

Some of the disabled job seekers have feedback that they have found the job clubs to be more of a benefit to those held in community venues. They lead the way in providing supported employment in a creative and inclusive style. The team will continue to provide some of their online job clubs as we ease out of lockdown and for those who have benefited from them.

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You can listen to a snippet of one of our speakers from the media industry who had started as a runner and ended up as producer and director here.

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