Cathy is another of our fabulous colleagues who stepped in to support our customers during the pandemic.

Read about her experiences of working in a new role:

I had some time off as the world went into lockdown. As I was preparing myself to return, I was told that the Footcare Service I usually provide needed to close. I would normally tend to people’s feet in the comfort of their homes, travelling from place to place.

Due to the new restrictions introduced at the time, this close-contact service was not permitted. I received a call from Helen, who said “we have an idea about alternative work we can offer you, how does this suit you..?”

At first, the plan was for me to do some cleaning and laundry at Fosters and then help with the catering at Alexandra Place, both Extra Care Services. After just one day, we realised it would be much more practical and safer if I stayed working on one site only.

Ever since I have been helping with meal preparation in the Alexandra Place kitchen. The communal restaurant had to close. But, the number of people taking up the service increased, as people couldn’t get out so easily to buy food. I have been assisting the kitchen staff to meet this new demand. We have been offering a take away and delivery service for the residents. I feel safe at work and I’ve even had opportunity to improve my culinary skills. The solution offered to me – works well all round.