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Twinkle, Twinkle – Is a Little Star at Friends of the Elderly Malvern

Care Home’s Residents Have A Paw-Some Day Celebrating National Love Your Pet Day

At Friends of the Elderly’s Malvern-based Davenham, Perrins House and Bradbury Court, the residential, nursing and dementia care homes which are collectively known as Friends of the Elderly Malvern, Twinkle, the care home cat, has had a ‘purr-fect’ day celebrating National Love Your Pet Day with the residents.

Twinkle, an adorable and friendly long-haired Tabby Cat, has been living at Friends of the Elderly Malvern for over four years. “Twinkle is part of our care home family,” said Jo Bennett, the General Manager at Friends of the Elderly Malvern. “She loves interacting with the residents, especially if she thinks there is a treat involved. Funnily, Twinkle will always appear just before meal times, she must smell the delicious aromas coming from the Dining Room.”

Twinkle is friends with all the care homes’ residents and makes sure she does her daily rounds to check on everyone. “Twinkle has become rather fond of one of our new respite residents,” added Laura Smith, the Activities Coordinator at Bradbury Court, the dementia care on home the site. “She does like to go to the gentleman for fusses, it’s as if she knows he’s a cat person – they have become furr-m friends. I have also noticed that when Twinkle approaches and interacts with our residents who are living with dementia, their faces light up and she seems to bring them joy and happiness.”


Twinkle is a relaxed and pretty chilled out cat, but she does think she runs the care homes. “Twinkle definitely thinks she’s the boss of the care homes,” added Laura. “She can be extremely vocal if she thinks she hasn’t been fed recently, on time or has enough on her plate for her liking. When Twinkle sees the staff members who usually feed her, she’ll make a beeline towards them and start telling them, in no uncertain terms, that she needs to be fed – right meow!”               

At bedtime, Twinkle makes her way to the Bradbury Court office and snuggles up behind the chairs or, if the mood takes her, she’ll be in the Lounge, curled up by the piano.

Twinkle takes her role as Care Home Cat very seriously and, as long as it’s not raining, will patrol the care homes and the grounds.

Cats are expert communicators and have different behaviours that show they really

like you, and Twinkle is an excellent ‘Cat Communicator’. “Twinkle will demonstrate

and show her love, trust and friendship to everyone she meets,” continued Jo.

“She’ll give you a little headbutt, twitch her tail, curl up around someone’s leg and

purr to her heart’s content. She’ll often be sprawled across the Lounge floor, showing

her belly off, ready for cuddles – which she always gets.”

“We’re very fur-tunate to have Twinkle here at Friends of the Elderly Malvern. She’s a purr-ty and claw-ver member of the team and is loved not only by the care teams, but also by each and every resident,” concluded Laura.

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