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Trish loves her birds, so Ridgewood Court re-built her aviary

When Trish was looking for a care home, she dreaded leaving her beloved birds behind. Knowing how much she loved her birds, the team at Sanctuary Care’s Ridgewood Court Residential Care Home re-built her aviary in the garden!

Trish moved into our care home in Pensby in 2018 and every day, she gets such joy from spending time with her birds, who are adored by many of her fellow residents!

“I was so pleased and relived to have the aviary,” she says. “Having them here makes me so happy. And the other residents and staff love the aviary as well.”

Home manager Charlotte Cuddy adds: “We are passionate about enriching the lives of our residents and are delighted that we can support Trish to not only continue with a hobby she’s always loved, but that she can share it with us all.”

Trish’s love of birds started from a young age.

She explains: “My dad first introduced me to birds when I was 13 and converted the shed into my first aviary. I have always been a shy person, but found a love in all animals, so I started to breed budgies.”

In her aviary Trish has budgies, Java sparrows and Zebra finches – and a cockatiel called Rosie.

“I am going to get the other residents to help me name the rest so that we can all be involved with them,” says Trish, who explains that as a former breeder, she doesn’t usually name her birds.

The birds have been such a hit, that the home have now adopted four chickens, which Trish helps to look after, from a local animal rescue centre.

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