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Together we are stronger! The Oaklea Annual Report

This week our Annual Report landed in physical form – it’s a departure from past Reports in that we have combined Oaklea Trust with our CIC Right2Work.

“I would like to begin by saying a huge “thank you” on behalf of the Oaklea Trust and the Right2Work Boards to all employees and volunteers for the superb care, support and opportunities which you provide for our customers/learners, and for your dedication and commitment to the Oaklea Group.  Being an employee/volunteer of the Oaklea Group is about going that extra mile and you demonstrate that fine quality in spades.” Chris Harris, Chair Oaklea Trust

The three musketeers making communities stronger -together!

To reflect the bringing together of Oaklea & Right2Work CIC in one publication – It meant 3 Intros of positivity -from a trio who probably needed no introduction!

Chris Harris, Chair, Oaklea Trust: “Do what we do well, do it in a great team, make sure we can afford it, tell everyone how great we are and ensure we are managed effectively.”

Clive Wigley, CEO, Oaklea Group: “Our future focus as always is to seek continuous improvement in all that we do, and seek new opportunities to improve the life experiences of those we support.”

Jane Sullivan, Chair, Right2Work CIC : “Whenever we visit R2W, as Directors, we are always welcomed by the people who work and learn there. We get a real sense of family and belonging and this is something that cannot be quantified in written reports and financial

Thoughts of Chairman Chris

Was it important to have a combined report? This was a first…..

There’s a lot covered -from Barrow to Blyth

  • Achievements – Multiply, Short Breaks, HAF
  • Success in supporting our teams
  • Success digitising social care
  • Success with Learning2Live, lighting up Ferryhill
  • Success in moving – Rothbury


Ryan’s success story -it’s the little things that have a big impact

“Ryan has settled well at Rakehead . He has a great relationship with the staff and the improvements with his diabetic medication is fantastic. He no longer has to be woken up at night as his readings go straight to the mobile phone which alerts the staff if there is a problem.” Kerry Hirst, Mum

One of the stories we featured in the Annual Report was Ryan’s journey. He lives with us in Ulverston and has diabetes. It means he was often waking in the night -which also had an impact of our support teams too. Here’s Registered Manager for Furness, Sue Millington:

You can access all previous Annual Reports here

“Our care & support activities assist people to have improved choices and living experiences. Our Social Enterprises, and work-related programmes, assist learners gain new skills and move into paid employment” Clive Wigley, CEO, Oaklea Group.

So join us….& read on!

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