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The Quantum Care Community Challenge

During the month of October all of our care homes will be taking part in the Quantum Care Community Challenge. This month-long event will see all of our homes competing against each other to complete 15 separate challenges designed to encourage the building of stronger connections between their residents and the communities within which they live.

Some of the challenges will be based within the homes and some will be based out in their local communities. Each completed challenge will award the home with a set number of points up to a maximum of 140, and the top three placed homes will win prizes which will go towards their residents’ amenity funds.

In the event of a tie between homes there will be a tie-break challenge. For this the homes will be asked to put on and evidence a community engagement event of their own choice; something as special or as impressive as possible that involves members of their local community. A voting panel will decide on the results.

This event has already generated a great deal of excitement and activity across our homes, with staff and residents making preparations for the start on the 1st October!

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