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The name’s Bond – Alice Bond!

“Be part of the team, be innovative, be resourceful” -MI6? -no Oaklea Working Behaviours!

Yes folks – we’ve been waiting for a while – but Oaklea can break the news first – we have a new James Bond….and we have supplied the new person carrying that hallowed mantle! It’s our very own Alice + a trusty new sidekick – Ruth!

Oaklea’s very own ‘M‘, Karen ‘KK’ Kidd has more from the portals of MI6 (somewhere outside Kendal): “Memorable moments were made with Ruth & Alice. Both had a goal to achieve and wanted to go on a speed boat so I supported them to do it at Pine Lake. We got the bus (was it a double decker like in ‘Live & Let Die’?) there and back to Pine Lake near Carnforth. Both had an amazing time & it truly brightened up a wet day.” 

Watch you don’t Skyfall outta the boat…

Our intrepid trio are rockin’ it on the Lake! (love the shaky camera technique – proper action movie stylee!)

“For your eyes only”!

Meanwhile elsewhere on set – Bond is all about exotic locations…Rome via (Travel) Agent Hays!

That’s why Oaklea supported Phillip has been busy planning his trip of a lifetime – to Rome! But of course – every agent has to start the day with a full English. 

Oaklea’s Danielle Hannan: It was an exciting day out for Phillip – an early start resulted in being able to have a hearty full English for breakfast. After filling up we headed to the travel agents to book his once in a lifetime trip. A very productive day out. Rome here we come!”

On his Majesty’s Service

Note to anyone watching in from SPECTRE – we will update our agents in the field of Phillip’s trip to Italia in November – we’ll be watching youafter all we have our own AliceRuth & KK on the case

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