As a care provider for adults with learning disabilities, we are pleased to announce that as of Tuesday 23rd February, all residents from our 12 care schemes (with the exception of two people) have now received the first dose of the COVID-19 vaccination. In addition to this, 233/263 (almost 90%) of our team have received their first dose, which is higher than the government’s latest figures on care staff who have received the vaccination.

CCL are extremely proud of their care team, with every scheme being complimented on their exceptional documentation. One Doctor wrote in Welwyn’s visitor book: “Just been to do the first COVID vaccines. All residents have capacity paperwork and consent forms signed by relatives – very well organised and a pleasure to work here!”.  

Our Executive Group and Board of Management couldn’t be happy to be one step closer to less restrictions! Jo Mear, Director of Care & Support, said “All of our hard work has paid off. I am very proud of our care team and residents, and it’s a great relief! We look forward to a brighter future at CCL!”.

Likewise, our scheme’s Mangers are feeling triumphant. Amy Round, Registered Manager of Walford Lodge who were vaccinated a few weeks ago said: “I am so proud of all the residents; they have all been fantastic. Hopefully in the coming months they will be able to see their family and friends, which is what we are wanting more than anything else. A parent recently said to me that they aren’t bothered about going to the pub or seeing friends – all they want is to be able to give their child a big hug. Now we feel like we are one step closer to that!”

Here’s to a better future for CCL and the care sector!