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The Big Dig: A Blooming Success in Community Gardening

The sun was shining, spirits were high, and the Watford community came together at Courtland Lodge care home for a fantastic day of gardening during “The Big Dig” event on July 16th. Thanks to the dedicated efforts of local Councillors and enthusiastic volunteers, the day turned out to be a resounding success.

The event was a true display of community spirit, with residents, their family members, Councillors and staff, along with their families, joining forces to transform the garden by planting garden beds and pots. Volunteer Matty also constructed a raised flower bed, where a variety of wildflowers were seeded, adding a touch of natural beauty to the garden.

The generosity of volunteers played a significant role in The Big Dig’s success. Various flowers and plants, including two apple trees and one cherry tree, were donated. Colourful paints were donated which the volunteers used to paint every piece of furniture in the garden. Bird houses and bird feeders were also donated, offering a warm welcome to feathered friends in the area. Finally, a beautiful archway was given to the home which will be planted with climbers to provide an attractive feature in the main flower bed.

The heart-warming sight of residents, families, and staff working side by side was a true testament to the power of community spirit. The Big Dig was not only about hard work and gardening but also about coming together to celebrate the community’s achievements. The event was fuelled by camaraderie, as people enjoyed teas, coffees, and cold drinks alongside delicious sandwiches and cakes, provided by the home’s catering team.

The shared laughter and stories exchanged during the event further strengthened community bonds. The Big Dig turned out to be more than just a gardening endeavour—it became a project that will bring joy to residents for years to come.

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