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Steve goes to the Sea Life Centre

We love a cracking salty old sea based picture story that we can get our teeth into – in fact one where we snatch victory from the jaws of…..and our very own Steve ‘we need a bigger boat’ Corrance is the man on the high seas to show us the way!

“He’s behind you Steve”!

Panto season may be over for some……It’s still on for our Steve! (Maybe it’s the quicker way for a dental appointment?)

Look what washed up

Well our intrepid duo Steve C and support Danielle Hannan – have taken this to a new level – talk about bringing the new year in with a snap! Steve always wanted a life afloat….but little did he realise he would be cast adrift on the shores of the Sea Life Centre at the Trafford Centre, Manchester!

No skeletons in his cupboard (nor should there be as he recently moved house remember – reminder here

Dive dive….glug glug….

Shark eyes view…..but who is the most scared?

Danielle has clearly swum to shore…and Steve has the ‘bear’ faced cheek to find new (cuddlier?) support!

Time to make a snappy exit

The Oaklea Vision – “We deliver the finest opportunities in the kindest possible way” – several selfies at a time – open wide folks!

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