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Stepping gingerly into 2024!

We had quite a seasonal -if challenging- end to 2023 in our work with young people – in fact it seems like a year ago! We have three examples of how it’s always good to be in top gear and have a Plan B!

So lets head off….

#HAF2023 – treading gingerly!

Our journey begins at the the Brewery Arts in Kendal for our Holiday Activity and Food Programme (HAF). We arrived on time only to discover The Gingerbread Man had done a runner! Due to cast sickness the show was cancelled at short notice – so our Young People’s Team – led by the Mighty Milly swung into action – as you can see – a few clicks on the phone and the day was rescued – all booked into the afternoon showing of ‘Wonka‘! Not all super heroes wear capes – some have a fully charged phone!

Meanwhile lightning does strike twice…

A week later – different group (on Short Breaks) – different trip in the period they call ‘Twixmas‘. The plan was to go to Barrow for the ‘Jack & The Beanstalk’ panto…but a week after our literal show stopper with the Ginger Man….This time our bus option wasn’t working! So no trip to The Forum – so again the team put in a back up plan (probably onto Plan F by now!). A walk to Kendal bus station and the 555 to Ambleside. Fun in the park and a chance for this group to see – yes you guessed it…….’Wonka‘ -this time at Zeffirellis Cinema!

In the driving seat at last!

At least one element of the young people’s activities went to plan though! The Preparation for Adulthood Targeted Short Breaks group had fun behind the wheel of one of the many cars for sale at HT Vehicle Sales….you may recognise some familiar faces from our trips over the years too!

It’s all about communication –plus a quick test for Henry!

The visit to settings like HT Vehicle Sales help our young people find out more about different workplaces and different careers. This trip was very much about ‘communication’. Our group were able to put their skills to the test by challenging Henry Tickell, the boss, all about his job!

Henry in a reasonably priced car – Q&A – no pressure!

  • What types of job roles are available here? A: Mechanic, Sales Manager, Book keeper, Valeter, and of course ‘The Boss’ aka Henry
  • What’s the best thing about your job? A: The customers and talking to people
  • Why did you choose to do this job? A: Because I love cars

Find out more…and join in!

See if you are eligible for our offers for young people here. Short Breaks and HAF Plus Future Choices programme here (run by our CIC Right2Work)

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