With the Daffodils starting to bloom and the temperature hitting double figures, it certainly feels like spring is on the way. To celebrate the arrival of warmer days, residents of Rogers House Residential Care Home decided to make some bird feeders.

Creativity was in the air at Rogers House this week, as residents enjoyed a suitably spring activity at the Drewery Drive residential care home, making bird feeders for the garden.

The residents first plaited coloured rope, which they would tie to their feeders and the fence posts, before fixing their rope to a cup and saucer, which they had painted and decorated prior to the activity. All that was left to do was fill their cups with birdseed, put them in position and wait for the hungry birds to come.

Jackie Miles, Home Manager of Rogers House said: “Our residents really enjoy watching the birds come and go and our lovely tree-filled garden does attract plenty of them, so we thought it’d be a great idea to make some feeders.

The residents had great fun making the feeders and everyone is looking forward to keeping an eye out for the new and returning birdlife, hoping for some rare sightings too!”