Marking National Gardening Week, residents of Rogers House Residential Care Home in Wigmore spent a sunny morning potting some plants, to brighten up their balconies.

Despite the chill in the air, spring is upon us and with the arrival of sunny and longer days, residents of Rogers House felt inspired to brighten up the balconies at their home.

Armed with plenty of soil and seeds, the residents of the Drewery Drive care home got together in the activity room to plant an array of flowers and vegetables, to display on the balconies around the home. There was a lot to be done but the residents enjoyed working together, spurred on with plenty of cups of tea and a few biscuits, of course.

Jackie Miles, Home Manager of Rogers House said: “We are lucky to have lovely gardens and outside areas here at Rogers House and the residents really enjoy helping us to maintain them and planting new flowers and vegetables. They are looking forward to watching the flowers grow and reaping what they’ve sown!”

As well as being sociable, gardening can provide a fantastic opportunity for stimulation of all the senses and is beneficial for people of all ages but it is extremely advantageous for older people living with dementia. Not only does it have the obvious physical benefits, it can also improve attention span, increase strength and balance and provide a sense of purpose, generally improving quality of life.