11-year-old raises enough money to buy two android tablets for Housing residents by baking.

Ava Reynolds, just 11-years-old, has managed to raise a massive £200 to purchase two android tablets for the tenants at Brunelcare’s Waverley Gardens, helping them to stay connected with their friends and family via the technology. Ava managed to raise the funds by baking tasty treats and selling them to her friends, family and neighbours.

After over hearing her mother, Kerry Reynolds, on a Zoom call discussing how much she would like to help her local Extra Care Housing Site (where people need five-hours of care minimum per week), Brunelcare’s Waverley Gardens, located in Bishopsworth, Bristol. Ava asked her mum if she could help and started baking the very same day!

Ava has baked over 30 batches of cupcakes, muffins, cookies, tiffin to sell to her close network and her mum, couldn’t be prouder.

Kerry Reynolds, Ava’s Mother said: “I’m so proud of Ava, it’s such a lovely thing to do for the tenants of Brunelcare’s Waverley Gardens. She thought about the idea all on her own and we set off baking the same day! It took us two weeks of baking to raise the £200 but we did it in the end! She’s my little hero.”

Before Ava raised the funds for the tablets, carers were using their personal mobile phones to keep tenants connected, now, they use both android tablets to contact families and friends of the tenants.

Ava said: “I heard my mum on a Zoom call with her friends, they were discussing how they would love to do something to help Waverley Gardens, so I thought I could bake and raise money for an android tablet, I ended up baking so much that I managed to raise enough money for two!”

Laura Oliver, Centre Manager at Brunelcare’s Waverley Gardens Said: “It’s so lovely of Ava to bake for such a good cause. It means now, our carers don’t have to use their personal phones to keep the families contacted, we can use the tablets. They’re so handy and a lot bigger so it’s easier for our tenants to see their loved ones. She’s a superstar and we can’t thank her enough!”