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Retirement community celebrates 10 years of memories at Middleton House

Staff and residents of a thriving retirement community in Cheltenham recently came together to celebrate its 10-year anniversary.

Sanctuary Supported Living’s Middleton House was officially opened in 2014 and over the past 10 years, it has continued to provide comfort, independence and peace of mind for people over 55 who are looking to enjoy a happy and fulfilling retirement.

The day was marked by a buffet spread and special performance by country singer Andy Yapp in the communal lounge, which was well-received by residents who were in high spirits as they gathered to mark the milestone anniversary.  

The highlight of the event was a heartfelt speech by Adrian Bird, the longest-standing resident of Middleton House. He shared his journey and experiences at Middleton House, from the initial construction phase to the vibrant community it has become today.

Reminiscing about his time living at the retirement community, Adrian said: “I’ve been at Middleton House 10 years now and I’ve come to realise that it isn’t the building that makes the family and the memories, it’s the people in it”.

He also praised the diversity and dedication of the staff, calling them “incredibly patient” and “an absolute joy to have around.” He also noted the transformation of the building from a construction site to the “architecturally interesting” structure that has become a home for over 40 people today.

Retirement Communities Manager, Tracey Milligan, added: “We are incredibly proud of the community spirit here at Middleton House. Our dedicated staff and wonderful residents like Adrian make this place truly special. Here’s to another decade of making memories together!”

As well as an opportunity for everyone to come together and celebrate the occasion, the event served as a reminder of the strong bonds and friendships formed over the years, with Adrian noting: “We think of all the great folk we’ve got here, and all the great folk who’ve moved on or passed – we’ve all had fantastic friendships over the years.”

Middleton House continues to thrive as a supportive and caring community, celebrating not just the milestone of a decade, but the everyday moments that make it a special place to call home.

To find out more about Sanctuary Supported Living’s retirement communities, read about our onsite services. To apply for a modern and spacious apartment at Middleton House, visit our website for information and contact our team.

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