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Raise a glass to Terry – oh you have!

“Citizenship is about living a good life – of our own choosing” Citizen Network/7 Keys

One of Oaklea’s best loved and long serving customer’s Terry Todd is moving on – and as you can imagine after 20 years with us – it’s a sad day and quite a moment. But tonight there’s a big party planned!

Never can say goodbye!

Oaklea Registered Manager for South Lakes, Alex Mayo-Williams, has supported Terry for more years than she can remember…

“Today I shut down my laptop and switched my phone to silent, as the day of Terry’s move gets nearer. I decided to take a breather and take him into town. He got pampered at the Turkish barbers, steam shave and a haircut, then a spot of lunch with myself and our newbie Kyle Bell. There were lots of smiles and giggles and Terry said he had a great day!” 

Alex adds: “It’ll be tissues at the ready for this incredible chap, 20 years with Oaklea but it’s time he imprinted his charm onto the next stage of his life!” 

Terry -always been a cut above!

Terry got the keys to a good life

The support and care given to Terry over so many years by Oaklea teams is all part of the “7 Keys to Citizenship“….

“Citizenship is about living a good life – of our own choosing – and making contributions to the community whilst respecting the rights of others to pursue their own path.” Simon Duffy, The Citizen Network

“Time gentlemen please” – not quite!

Earlier this spring our Support team brought his favourite bar to him – and created ‘Terry’s Tavern‘

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