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Prize winning knitter, Wendy, celebrates her centenary 100th birthday in style

Resident at New Copford Place Celebrates Her Landmark Birthday Saying ‘Doing What You Love’ is the Secret to a Long and Happy Life

At Friends of the Elderly’s New Copford Place residential care home in Colchester, Essex, the care team has been celebrating resident, Wendy Binns’ milestone 100th Birthday with a day full of surprises and all her favourite things.

Wendy’s day began with gifts and cards and one very special delivery from Buckingham Palace. Wendy, is the first Friends of the Elderly resident to receive her congratulatory 100th birthday card from King Charles III. She said: “I’m so very grateful that I received my card from our new King. I was so sad when his Mother, Queen Elizabeth II left us. My card from the King is something that I will treasure, forever.”

Growing up in Leeds, Wendy looked after her siblings when she was younger saying: “My Father worshipped my Mother, they were a lovely couple. My Mother was deaf and I had to help her look after the family, but I didn’t mind. It taught me to be patient, especially when I was teaching my younger sister Trudy.

“My Mother was the biggest influence on my life, I loved her so much. I remember her giving me pocket money when she could afford it. I can’t remember exactly how much it was, but I know it was more than tuppence. I was a good saver and even wrote down how much I received in a little book.”

One evening at a dance, Wendy met her future Husband, Tony, who worked for British Telecom. “I think the telephone is one of the most helpful inventions of my lifetime, I always loved using the phone,” Wendy added.

After they were married, Wendy devoted herself to their two daughters and running their home. “I said to Tony that I was very happy to be a Home Maker and Mother. I told him that if he thought I was going to go out to work, he was mistaken,” Wendy continued.

Wendy, who was an excellent cook, also became an expert, prize winning knitter, making a wide variety of knitted things, a hobby she still enjoys today at New Copford Place. She said: “I thoroughly enjoy the activities here. Going out on the minibus for visits to different places, the sing-alongs and, of course, the Knit and Natter Group.”

Daniel Sabau, the Registered Manager at New Copford Place said: “Wendy loves to knit and talk about her knitting. She’s won several prizes for her creations and used to knit blankets for new born children that she’d donate to her local hospital.

 It’s amazing to see her passion when she speaks about knitting. Wendy is very proud of her accomplishments but does have the funniest giggles when she speaks about the things she used to knit for her Husband.”

Wendy’s milestone day continued with a delicious celebration afternoon tea which was accompanied by a surprise performance by local singer, Claire, who serenaded the Birthday Girl and her care home friends.

Wendy decided that New Copford Place as the right care home for her following a visit for a coffee morning. Wendy said: “When I came along one day for a coffee morning, it struck me that if I lived here I’d have lots of company, and the home looked so good,” and, as they say, the rest is history.

Daniel added: “Wendy is a lovely lady. She’ll always join in with the activities and is always willing to lend a helping hand. Wendy is quite a character. I’ve never seen her without her beautiful, cheeky smile. We all wanted to make sure that Wendy had a truly special day to show her how special she is to us.” 

Wendy continued: “I had a really wonderful 100th birthday, everyone at the care home made it so special for me, they really made a nice fuss. They’re all lovely. Reaching 100-years-old and getting a birthday card from the King is quite something.

“The other day I was asked what was my secret to a long and happy life? I think it’s being good, being faithful and being interesting and doing the things you love, which I certainly have done,” concluded Wendy.

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