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Pride Month at Quantum Care

A number of our homes were very keen to celebrate Pride this year and they did so with a great deal of enthusiasm. Residents and staff decorated their home’s interior spaces with Pride colours, flags and bunting and that included their cafes, lounges and reception areas with some also decorating the exterior of their homes and their gardens.

During the arts and craft sessions that took place throughout the month, residents and staff joined together to create various Pride related items like rainbow bracelets, flags, posters, artworks and other items either to be worn or hung about the home. Our hair and beauty salons also joined in the occasion with a number of residents choosing to enter into the spirit of things through Pride related beauty sessions which included makeup and hair!

Colourful clothing was very much in abundance and so was laughter, song and dance with most homes bringing in live entertainers for the various parties that took place over the month. Our kitchen staff did a wonderful job supplying the numerous events with great food, snacks and drinks and our care staff, housekeepers and everyone else did a fantastic job to make this year’s event one to remember!

It was a wonderfully bright and colourful Pride Month and everyone really enjoyed themselves!!

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