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‘Ox’ sparks curiosity at Longlands care home

A fibreglass ‘ox’, gifted to The Orders of St John Care Trust (OSJCT) for their entry to Oxford’s summer art installation Oxtrail, was welcomed to its temporary location at Longland care home by residents and Oxford City Council Cabinet Member for Housing Linda Smith. The ‘ox’ is currently residing in one half of the hairdressing salon at Longlands, a care home run by OSJCT.


Linda, an experienced, former Blackbird Leys City Councillor who is running for election this May, visited residents at Longlands care home, to hear their views on local developments and encourage them to vote in the upcoming council elections. The team at Longlands also showed off the home’s reception refurbishment and discussed their garden plans and ideas ahead of OSJCT’s Trust in Bloom competition.


During her visit, Linda along with several residents and team members viewed and discussed plans for decorating the fibreglass ‘ox’. Later this summer the artwork will move to its outdoor location for display as part of Oxtrail from 6 July to 29 August. The OSJCT ‘ox’ is sponsored by IP Asset Partnership.


The decorated ‘ox’, representing ‘The Power of Hands’, will feature handprints of residents and team members. Hands bear the marks of a life well lived and wisdom; they speak of comforting touch and loving care, and they symbolise diversity, spirituality, friendship, unity. Hands tell individual stories and also celebrate the power of hands to connect people. 

Kelly-Marie Allen, Longlands Home Manager, said: “We support all our residents who wish to vote in local and general elections, it’s an important democratic right. We also encourage our residents to take an interest in the local community and we keep them up to date with developments in the blackbird leys area.


“We are also very excited about Oxtrail and hosting the ‘ox’ whilst it’s decorated. Most of our residents moved to us from Oxford and the surrounding area, and they are very proud to be part of this venture.

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