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Our Day Opportunities Programme: Adapting & Staying Open during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Our Day Opportunities programme is a day care centre run Monday-Friday all year round and offers activities for adults with learning difficulties 18+. We recognise that everyone is unique and so we offer an enjoyable programme to cater for all.

Our Day Opportunities Programme offers activities tailored to the individual needs and preferences of each person. CCL also offer support from our in-house Speech and Language Therapists and physiotherapists.

Since COVID made its impact, our priority has been the safety and well-being of our learners and team. Whilst all Adult Learning Day Centres have closed in Shropshire, we have remained open and have adapted to the COVID restrictions to keep our young people and team safe. All care staff and anyone who is face-to-face with our learners are tested 3 times per week, and if staff or learners have any symptoms at all they are told to self-isolate. Additionally, our management team are continuously monitoring the latest COVID guidelines and are in communication with local health officials, which is how we were able to get our residents and team vaccinated so quickly.

To also reduce the risk of COVID, we have put in place strict and frequent sanitizing rules. Furthermore, we have created ‘hubs’, which are essentially bubbles of learners who are able to attend our programme together at a social distance. We have residents from our care homes who attend our Day Opportunities Programme and learners who are non-residents. Therefore, our ‘hubs’ have also been categorised by day learners and residents.

With COVID restrictions impacting our usual activities, our Day Opportunities team have adapted its programme whilst still meeting individual’s needs and preferences. For example, our team have been exploring the outdoors, including walks in Shrewsbury’s Quarry Park, Haughmond Hill, Ellesmere Lake, Chirk Aqueduct and so on. Our learners have also been focusing on their arts and crafts and adapting this to create a positive view on lockdown, including what they can’t live without and creating a tree of life, and concentrating on themed upcoming days such as Valentine’s Day and National Story Telling week.

Overall, our team’s main aim has been to maintain a fun, but COVID safe environment – always keeping in mind our learners well-being and mental health. We have also received excellent feedback and had no COVID cases amongst our Day Opportunities Programme’s learners.

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