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OSJCT announces early pay award to support frontline health and social care staff

The Orders of St John Care Trust (OSJCT) has brought forward its April 2022 pay award to support its frontline health and social care staff at a time when the sector faces a range of challenges, including winter hardship for many.

On top of challenges facing the sector as a whole, the Trust has acknowledged that employees are likely to be affected by personal financial pressures this winter, with energy bills, food prices and wider inflationary pressures on the rise, combined with a cap on Universal Credit.

Effective 1 November 2021, the charity’s Board of Trustees and Executive team approved the early payment of the April 2022 pay award for all frontline employees, along with approval to maintain an appropriate differential in pay rates across roles.

Government investment in social care and its workforce has long been neglected. In addition to the early pay award, the Trust has been actively advocating for long-term reform of the sector, including fair pay, directly with the Department for Health and Social Care (DHSC), MPs and other key stakeholders.

Dan Hayes, CEO of OSJCT, explains: “The social care workforce is not adequately recognised and the sector does not receive the funding it needs to ensure employees are more fairly rewarded. Our employees have worked tirelessly and with good grace, day in day out through some of the most challenging times in living history, to support our elderly residents, their families, and each other. This is why the Trust has prioritised a number of measures, including this early pay award, to recognise the vital work of our colleagues.”

The pay award means that OSJCT employees will be paid above the current Real Living Wage (RLW) and well above the National Living Wage (NLW), with rates remaining at or above the NLW increase to be introduced next April.

Hayes adds: “We hope that the pay announcement will help our valued employees in the coming months, and of course, show prospective employees how much we value our workforce.”

The Trust supports its workforce through a range of additional initiatives, including access to counselling, financial and legal information via its Employee Assistance Programme, a rewards scheme, and health and wellbeing support. The Trust’s senior leaders are also considering establishing a hardship fund for employees in need. 

The Trust recently launched a recruitment campaign to celebrate its workforce heroes and inspire others to consider a career in social care.

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