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Oh We do Like To be Beside the Seaside

It’s been a hot summer and as so many of us gaze across our gardens, and those of our neighbours, we see yellow lawns, wilting plants and cats that are constantly seeking the shade. By the time you read this the rains may have come but right now, Hertfordshire seems utterly devoid of green grass. In heat like this many of us crave to be close to open water and that open water is very often the sea.

This craving to be close to the sea when the sun is blazing seems almost instinctive and that instinct doesn’t necessarily lessen with age. Here at Quantum Care, our residents are just as keen on being by the seaside as they ever were.

Most recently, Mayfair Lodge, our care home in Potters Bar took residents to Southend and by all accounts a great time was had. A lovely lunch, a walk to the pier, a great deal of ice cream and a cooling sea breeze all make for a wonderful day out. This is the first of three seaside trips the home has planned in August.

When our homes are planning summer events and the subject of a day trip comes up, “let’s go to the seaside” is a popular response from our residents and we do everything we can to make that happen.

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