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Oaklea’s Registered Care Home in Ulverston has been rated GOOD again by the Care Quality Commission (CQC)

Oaklea’s Registered Care Home in Ulverston, South Cumbria, has been rated GOOD again by the social care regulator, the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

“Staff placed people’s wishes, needs and rights at the heart of everything they did. They knew people well and were responsive, supporting them to live a quality life of their choosing.” CQC Inspection Report.

Some of the key findings:

  • People led inclusive and empowered lives because of the ethos, values, attitudes and behaviours
  • Staff ensured risks of a closed culture were minimised so that people received support based on transparency, respect and inclusivity
  • The service had enough appropriately skilled staff to meet people’s needs and to keep them safe. People liked the staff who supported them. People enjoyed laughing and joking with the staff on duty.
  • People’s care and support plans reflected their range of needs and abilities. They gave clear guidance for staff on how to support individuals.
  • This promoted people’s wellbeing and enjoyment of life
  • People were supported by staff who understood best practice in relation to the wide range of strengths, impairments or sensitivities people with a learning disability and/or autistic people may have. This meant people received compassionate and empowering care that was tailored to their needs.
  • People and those important to them were involved in planning their care. Staff knew how to give people choices about their lives and support and respected the decisions they made.


‘Maiden’ voyage – a time to celebrate our journey!

We caught Registered Manager Sue Millington with Support Team member Alec and customer Peter early doors this morning at breakfast -she dropped by to pass on her congratulations to everyone!

Registered Manager for our services in Furness, Sue Millington: “I am really proud of the team. They and the Customers deserve the positive feedback following the unannounced inspection. They have worked so hard during lockdown and in addition they have met the challenge to maintain continuity of care and support. I would like to say a special thank you to Hazel Taylor for her loyalty and her leadership skills.”

You can access the full Ulverston CQC report + all our CQC reports here Plus find out more about what the CQC does here

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