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Oaklea & R2W Weekly Update

Welcome again to celebrating some of what we have been up to via our respective websites and beyond! &

This week our number is UP

They truly keep MULTIPLYING – in fact you could say 192 is the MAGIC number!

Plus – hands on hips & learn how to ‘do the Milly’!

For this & much more – read on.

This Saturday marks another TFW Open Day – and what better way to celebrate (other than pinching one of David ‘Dave’ Mitchells pot noodles…

Than to see a video made by one of our Learners!

Matt on a roll (of film)

Dave says: “Matt T made this video that explains what goes on at TFW. It was done as part of a project I did with him over the Summer.”

Last week marked the finale to our summer school holiday trips for Short Breaks and #HAF2023

Incredibly over the hols we had 192 places filled

-16 day trips in all

-10 HAF

-6 Short Breaks

Plus what a time we had….you can see loads & loads of images here from the final trips to Great Tower Activity Centre near Windermere and Sizergh Castle.

Chop chop Kelvin!

Community Works & TFW regular Kelvin has just secured another martial arts accolade!

TFW supremo, Chris(mas) Pantechis says: “Kelvin took part in the Scottish Open Taekwondo Championships. He came back with a Gold Medal for a win in his category.”

Earlier we mentioned Sizergh Castle. Well our NE colleagues not to be outdone when it comes to all things middle ages…

They got on their broomsticks and headed for a magical castle in deepest Northumberland!

Some of our fabulous Durham support team took customers Nic, Pauline, Laura & Caroline on a magical mystery tour. They went to the famous Alnwick Castle in Northumberland (featured in THAT Harry Potter franchise…).

As you can see they were ‘swept off their brooms…er feet’!

To see this magical opus in full go to our Tik Tok channel…

Big shout out to the provider of this Harry Potter Movie – which this week was marked by “#ReturntoHogwartsDay” – the venerable Bede aka Kendra!

Good things come in MULTIPLES!

The certificates are MULTIPLYING!

Our Multiply programme has finished it’s summer stint – fear not we will be back with more courses – watch this space.

Jim Thorburn from R2W has been out with his abacus:

“The sessions have proved to be a great way to learn and have fun with Maths. They’ve also added important elements such as budgeting and handling your money.”

See if Jim’s number is up….click here!


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