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Oaklea & R2W Weekly Update

Welcome again to celebrating some of what we have been up to via our respective websites and beyond! &

This week it’s very much a ‘soap opera’ – don’t ask – just read! Plus

  • Seasonal gift ideas from The Eden Workshop

  • Mother Christmas appears with Alice in Wonderland via Manchester!

  • Terry’s All Gold – he’s always a box of delights!

  • Why Kev gets the rub of the green in many ways!

  • …and much much more

Right up my street!

Walk on parts…easily done with Oaklea!

Recently some of the people we support have been making a bee line for their fave Northern soaps – in fact there’s been a bit of inter Pennine rivalry between Emmerdale v Corrie – so far the Yorkshire drama is winning as we have had folks from Barnard Castle and Ulverston drop by! But not to be outdone our very own soap fiend Shane Wardman ably assisted by Becki May – headed down the M6 from Wattsfield to Weatherfield.

Find out what they got up to here – and a reminder of our Emmerdale ventures too!

Rewarding experience on offer

Our very own TFW bulky waste man about town – Chris Leith seen presenting Kelvin with an in house R2W Silver Award! (It’s an internal accreditation demonstrating good initiative and an ability to complete tasks to a very good standard at TFW)

We’re not entirely sure who was presenting to who….! Great stuff guys…

Terry’s All

Long standing Oaklea customer Terry Todd paid a visit to Oaklea HQ! Terry, from Garth Brow, hadn’t seen the new offices and was most impressed – even by the people who made him so welcome!

He was joined by Poppy Rhodes and Registered Manager Alex Mayo-Williams.

Alex later told us Terry said – “Thank you for this – this made Terry’s day!”

Steps that Multiply

We’ve made giant steps…..And now all the dominos have fallen into place! We’re bigging up our final Multiply basic maths & numeracy session for 2023 that took place earlier this week.

Our Learners have got their certificates – + we’ve got their number(s) sorted – and more to the point they’ve now got ours!

Find out more about how you can join Multiply – we’re starting sessions again in the new year – get in touch

You know this adds up….get on board – take that step! (new sessions planned in 2024)

Multiply is a national programme aimed at increasing confidence with numbers and is open to eligible people 19 and over.

Top duo get the rub of the green!

One of our best known Oaklea double acts have been Kit & Kev from County Durham. They’re both big sports fans and have been down south (!) – in Yorkshire.

Team Manager, Emma ‘Hurricane’ Rowley: “The guys – supported by Chris, had a fabulous weekend away in York, for the UK Snooker Championships and Christmas markets.”

Pot luck? No chance – Look who he potted….here’s a blast from the past we pocketed earlier (November 2017). For those who don’t know – Kev is a bit of a snooker ace….- when our webmaster started at Oaklea – Kev was one of first people he met…’Fancy a game says Kev’….it would be fair to say he absolutely battered the webmaster! (and still recovering!)

Branching Out – Winter Edition

The latest edition of Branching Out Winter 2023 edition went out this week.

Click here (or press button below)

This goes to key stakeholders, supporters etc. If there is someone you think should be included – let me know (or just share the link and they can click on ‘subscribe’ and it’ll go in their xmas stocking – there is no charge as we’re very generous…who knew!)

You can also access this plus back issues on the Oaklea website

New logo lands!

I-Spy I say – Did you spot – Community Learning has its own logo now – this covers Future Choices, Multiply & Youth Futures.

Waiting list you say?

The CYP Team have been beavering away and perfecting their activities for the Christmas School Holidays….

Our school holiday HAF (Holiday Activity & Food Programme) is now full for South Lakes & Eden for those eligible.

But don’t despair if you’ve missed out – if you know anyone eligible – contact us and join the waiting list!

You can find out more information here on what we do here

Plus there are HAF sessions across W&F Council area this Christmas – go to their web page here

Gifting you ideas

It’s that time of the year…’re looking for gift ideas.

The R2W Eden Workshop has just launched it’s bumper workshop list for 2024!

Jane ‘crafty supremo’ Farkins: “We are very excited with our 2024 schedule of workshops. We are aware that there are a lot of others offering craft workshops in Cumbria so we have strived to offer something unique in the form of cooking workshops centred around our popular cookbook. We also have all your favourite tutors.”

Click on button below for more – to book, to buy, to workshop! Simples….

Having a Dotti Christmas!

Finally….It’s beginning to sound like…..

As Paul McCartney sang (?) – “A simply Dotti Christmas time for Alice”!”

Yes folks….we have kept her on a tight leash…but she is just too strong to resist the upcoming seasonal temptations!

Our ever colourful Dotti Gibbons (and always on brand -as she wears our working behaviours colour scheme on a daily basis – you know as you saw her in our Annual Report -for the forgetful it’s here– -head to p20-21 double spread of multicolour loveliness!)

This time she has taken the fab Alice (to a wonderland off the M6…)

“I’ve supported Alice to hit the highlights of Manchester Christmas Markets. She had a ball, I did too. We stayed over on Thursday night came home Friday teatime. It’ll soon be Christmas ho ho ho”

Why thank you Mother Chrimbo!

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